Unexpected Guest



Unexpected Guest || A Hijack collab between thatendyperson
and yakfrost

we both saw this prompt and thought about doing something about it so yeah, enjoy the fan fiction and the art!


“i really want an “i accidentally broke into your house/apartment because my friend lives next door to you and i was in the area, drunk, and i thought i was climbing into the right window and falling asleep on the right couch (and i did wonder when my friend got two cats but i didn’t question it) so now i’m hungover and shirtless in your living room so um hi howya doin” au” -  Prompt from here.

Yak and I collab’d on this thing.


Unexpected Guest


So this was odd.

Okay, maybe a little more than just ‘odd’. ‘Alarming’ might have been the more appropriate word for this situation. Hiccup fisted the fingers of his left hand in thick strands of auburn hair, one hand on his hip and large teeth worrying at his bottom lip as he took in the sight before him. It wasn’t exactly every day that you came home to find a stranger passed out on your couch. And shirtless, no less.

Across the room, Toothless shot the brunet a very unamused expression. Hiccup was honestly surprised that the cat was being so lax about the situation; he was generally nothing if not hostile toward strangers, and if some guy had broken into Hiccup’s apartment last night while he was away, he would have thought Toothless would have chased the guy out. And yet here he was, snoozing on the couch completely undisturbed. Hiccup supposed that that was at least marginally relieving – if Toothless left the guy alone for whatever reason, it probably meant he wasn’t really a threat, right? Either that or Hiccup was going to need to look into getting a guard dog from now on when he went out of town.

Nervously, he took a few steps toward the couch, leaving his single suitcase forgotten by the door. The stranger made no stirring movements as he approached, and considering that he hadn’t been roused when Hiccup noisily opened the door not too long ago, it was probably a safe assumption that this guy was totally passed out. Closing the distance earned Hiccup a better look at the guy, and rather in spite of himself, he couldn’t help the little hitch in his breath as he took the image in.

The stranger was sprawled with one arm over the back of the couch and another trailing along the carpeted floor, his bare torso completely exposed to Hiccup’s gaze. Cream-colored skin was stretched tight over a light, but visible, collection of muscles in his chest, gently rising and falling with his easy breaths along with the lithe dip of his belly. Hiccup couldn’t help but stare rather openly at that part of him. His legs were thin – hell, his entire being was incredibly thin, and yet clearly fit in that way that dancers or figure skaters on TV seemed to be – and they were spread haphazardly over the far arm of Hiccup’s couch. But it was the guy’s face that was easily the most notable feature about him.

Hiccup wasn’t exactly proud of himself right now for finding himself so completely attracted to and possibly enamored with this stranger that had broken into his home, but, well. Here he was. The guy was fucking gorgeous. His skin seemed rather enviably free of blemishes, his nose sloped in that too-perfect-movie-star way that always made Hiccup self-conscious of his own, and his slightly parted lips revealed the beginnings of teeth that looked practically flawless (barring the likely possibility of being in need of a morning brushing). Also, his hair. Who even manages to walk around sporting a head of snow-white hair and doesn’t make it look tacky as hell?? It was downright unfair. It had a sort of controlled, disheveled look to it, spikes sticking off in a way that seemed intentionally messy. Hiccup had to fight the urge to run his hands through it.

Hiccup then once again needed to remind himself that he was standing in his living room, checking out a passed out stranger who had broken into his home. There were a number of things wrong with this situation, regardless of how attractive this guy was, or how appealing his Adam’s apple looked as it bobbed slightly with one of the man’s breaths, or how gorgeous his alabaster skin looked in the warm glow of the sunlight that was filtering through Hiccup’s open window…

Open window?

Ooooooooh shit. He knew there was something he’d forgotten to do before he left! Hiccup quietly swore under his breath. It was no wonder this guy was clearly able to just waltz right in. The real questions, though, were did he take anything, why was he still here, and why was he shirtless? Deciding that he was getting nowhere just standing around and thinking to himself, and also that this stranger seemed harmless enough (or at least that Hiccup could probably take him if he was attacked… maybe), Hiccup elected to tentatively reach out and offer the sleeping man a shake.

His eyes snapped open at the contact and his whole body gave a jerky start. Hiccup recoiled, pulling his hand back as the other man fixed his wide, blue eyes on him and blinked a few times.

“…Who are you?” he asked, seeming quite puzzled at the brunet’s presence.

Hiccup stared back and mirrored the other man’s blinking. “Um. Shouldn’t I, uh, be the one asking you that?”

The stranger seemed confused. Slowly, he brought himself up into a seated position on the couch and blinked a few more times. He cast some slow glances around the room, noticing a couple of pictures on the wall, some bits of furniture that seemed unfamiliar, and the large cat that was still staring at him from its perch on the end table.

“…uuuuuuhm. I don’t suppose someone named Aster Bunnymund lives here…?”

Hiccup’s expression only turned more quizzical. “…No?”

“And this isn’t apartment 243?”

“Uh, no. That would be next door.”

At this, the stranger groaned and dropped his face into his hands. “Oh my god. I am so, so sorry.” Then, as though panicked, he lifted his gaze again. “Did you call the cops? Please tell me you didn’t call the cops. I’ll leave right away, I swear, and I promise I didn’t touch anything other than the couch, and, er—”

“Just, just hold on a sec,” Hiccup cut in, raising his arms disarmingly. “I didn’t call the cops or anything like that. I’m just, uh, really very confused, here.”

The stranger seemed to calm down at this, relaxing somewhat and breathing a sigh. “Well, um. I guess I should introduce myself?”

“That might be a start.”

“I’m Jack,” he stated simply, standing up and glancing around the living room curiously, brows furrowed.

“Okay. I’m Hiccup,” the brunet replied, unable to resist taking several covert glances at the stranger’s – Jack’s – exposed body some more now that he was on his feet. He turned his back to Hiccup for a moment, and the curve of his spine looked really…

“Hiccup?” Jack asked, turning back to the green-eyed male with a smile. “Not a name I hear every day, heh.”

“Most people don’t,” Hiccup acknowledged, trying to pretend he hadn’t just been checking his guest out.

“So, uh, Hiccup? I don’t suppose you’ve seen my shirt anywhere, have you?”

“Can’t say I have, no,” Hiccup answered with a shrug. “I was kind of wondering where it was, myself.” He chose not to add that he was perfectly okay with Jack not finding it. “So, you were going to maybe, er, explain what’s going on here?”

Jack’s shoulders jumped slightly, as though just remembering that detail again. “Right, right. So, uh, the basic of it is… Okay, so I was really, really drunk last night. Went out with some friends, you know, that sort of thing.” Hiccup simply gave him a nod, already getting the gist of where this was going, so Jack continued. “Anyway, I was in the neighborhood, and I have a friend who lives in 243 – next door, as you’ve now pointed out – and I mean, I always end up crashing at his place when I’m drunk, you know? Except he was still out by the time I was ready to call it a night, so I didn’t really have a way to get in…”

Hiccup nodded, new understanding dawning. “…So I’m guessing you decided to go around and try to climb into his window.”

“I figured he wouldn’t mind, but…” And now he started laughing sheepishly. Hiccup found it a bit too adorable. “Guess I got the wrong window.”

“I just had to go and leave mine open…” Hiccup added, though his tone was more amused than regretful.

“I mean, I met your cat, and I guess part of me wondered when my friend ever got a cat, but I just… I dunno; guess I wasn’t in a frame of mind to question it?”

“I guess I can see that, but um… I mean, weren’t there other details that told you you might have the wrong place?” The brunet scratched at the back of his head, glancing around. “Like the furniture, or the layout, or…?”

At this, Jack actually laughed. “Actually, this place looks almost shockingly like my buddy’s next door. The layout is like exactly the same, dude. You even have a couch in the same place as he does, so… I guess not?”


There wasn’t much else to say to that.

“A-anyway,” Jack added, once again looking around. “I should get the hell out of your hair, yeah? This has gotta be super weird for you, and I mean, I still need to find my shirt – where the hell did I throw that thing…?”

“Well, actually,” Hiccup suddenly interjected, suddenly getting the odd notion that he didn’t want Jack to leave so soon. He felt like his cheeks might have been lighting up as Jack returned his questioning gaze to Hiccup’s face, making the brunet have second thoughts about suddenly speaking out. “…Er, I mean, uh. If you’re feeling hung-over at all, or anything, I could make you coffee or something?”

There was a pause in which Hiccup was pretty sure he had just come off as creepy. Then Jack smiled. “Even though I’m just some random stranger you found passed out in your living room?”

Still feeling warmth in his cheeks (and thoroughly stupid, for that matter, because this was a stranger), Hiccup just nodded and shrugged. “Sure, why not? I mean I just got back from a trip out of town, so some company sounds fine…”

Jack laughed and called him kind of weird, but he agreed to stay regardless.

A cup of coffee ended up turning into a couple hours of talking for no particular reason. And that ended up turning into the two of them watching some TV on the couch for a while. And that, naturally, led to a splash fight in the kitchen from cups of water they were supposed to have been drinking.

Okay so maybe that last one wasn’t quite a normal, natural progression, but hey, it happened.

By the time evening rolled around, Jack was still sitting in Hiccup’s living room, laughing with him about some dumb joke he’d just told, and was also now clad in a shirt Hiccup had decided to loan him – the two had already concluded that Jack’s shirt had simply been lost to the void.

It was only when Jack finally remembered to plug his phone in (borrowing Hiccup’s charger) that he realized he had like ten messages and a couple of missed calls from Aster, wondering where the hell he was and generally being a worried mother hen.

“I think maybe I should go,” Jack laughed, scrolling through the messages. “My friend has been flipping out all day. Imagine his surprise when I tell him I was next door the whole time,” he practically sang.

Hiccup chuckled from the couch. “He won’t get mad at me, will he?”

“Nah, he’s a cupcake,” Jack replied airily, shooting a smirk Hiccup’s way.

For no particular reason, Hiccup decided to walk Jack the short distance to his front door, and Jack never stopped smiling at him as he did so.

“So this was pretty cool, though,” Jack stated as Hiccup opened the door up, Jack turning to face him. He eyed the weird little braids on Hiccup’s right side (which he’d made fun of earlier but actually really liked), giving one of them a flick. Hiccup returned with an insincere scowl, moving one of his hands to protect his fruity braids.

“Yeah, sure, if coming home to some smelly stranger sleeping on your couch is cool.”

“I am not smelly,” Jack replied, mock offense dripping off of his words. “You’re just hiding your pain. You wish this could happen every day.”

Hiccup rolled his eyes and offered a sarcastic laugh. He hoped it would cover up the fact that Jack might have been kind of right about that.

“Sure, definitely.”

Jack smiled again, this time a bit more sincerely, and his eyes dropped to the floor. “Soooo, could I maybe come back to hang out again some other time? I mean, I’ll have to return this shirt to you anyway…”

This time Hiccup managed to drop the sarcasm, smiling more openly. “Sure, definitely,” he repeated.

As Jack departed and Hiccup closed the door after him, the brunet couldn’t resist the giddy little giggle he buried into the palms of his hands.

One week later, while Hiccup was wallowing over the fact that he’d forgotten to give Jack his phone number, he was pleasantly surprised to find the white-haired man struggling through his living room window. He fell face-first onto the carpet with a grumble, before quickly looking up at Hiccup with a bright smile, the shirt Hiccup had loaned him gripped in one hand.

“You’re, uh, not gonna call the cops, right?”

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